Hill’s Science Diet Adult Optimal Care Original Dry Cat Food Review

Hill's Science Diet Adult Optimal Care Original Dry Cat Food

HILL’S SCIENCE DIET ADULT OPTIMAL CARE ORIGINAL DRY CAT FOOD is the best diet that you can find for your cats. It is balanced, easy-to-digest and provides high amount of nutrition that keeps your cats healthy and fit and away from medical issues.

It is highly recommended for adult cats who are 1-6 years old, however it is not suitable for kittens and cats that are either pregnant or nursing their infants.

Some salient features of this BEST CAT FOOD are provided below:

  • It provides taurine and phosphorous which combine work to keep vital organs of cats healthy and in best shape.
  • It contains a high amount of lean proteins that are a must to give a healthy and balanced weight.
  • It offers a controlled level of Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E which makes cats’ fur and skin healthy and shiny.
  • It includes chicken as an ingredient, but no by-product of chicken.

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Why Hill’s Science Diet Adult Optimal Care Original Dry Cat Food is the best cat food

  • Hill’s science diet offers 5% Protein, 21.8% Fat, 35.4% Carbs, and 1.5% crude fiber; a perfect combination that gives all the needed nutrients in balanced proportions, and it keeps cats healthy and fit.
  • Many pet owners write in their user reviews that this cat food is named by their CAT FOOD ADVISOR who believes that it tastes good to cats. Even the picky eaters can be switched to Hill’s science diet easily.
  • Some cats have serious stomach issues and vomit out their food frequently. Hill’s science diet is found perfect for them. It keeps sensitive stomachs healthy.
  • It gives your cat a perfect heart health and keeps its immune system strong and in best form.
  • It cuts stool odor many folds.

How to switch your cat to Hill’s science diet

You should switch your cats to Hill’s science diet even if they are on the BEST WET CAT FOOD by a manufacturer, because nothing matches the highly nutritious food Hill’s provides. The best way to bring transition is by mixing the current food with Hill’s science diet adult optimal care original dry cat food and gradually increasing its quantity. It is recommended to do it over a period of seven days or more as this will result in better acceptance of the new food by the digestive system of your pet.

Some pet owners may find its price slightly higher than cat foods by other manufacturers. This slight increase is due to the cost of high quality, fresh ingredients that are used in its manufacturing. The premium quality of Hill’s science diet saves your cat from getting ill and expensive medical treatments.

Hill’s is the BEST DRY CAT FOOD and BETS PUPPY FOOD manufacturer that has been serving for more than 70 years. It is known for providing healthiest food for pets, containing highest quality natural ingredients that are loaded with nutrition. It gives your pets healthy and long lives and saves you from medical bills and visits to vets. Hill’s also provides money back guarantee on this product.